Fri, 03/25/2022 - 12:36

Customers from other electric mobility operators and providers (Electromaps, Etecnic, Iberdrola, Place to Plug and Shell Recharge Solutions) will now be able to use Endolla Barcelona. The service will gradually come into operation over the next few weeks.

This openness will turn Endolla into a public service available to any electric vehicle user, which means that more than 200,000 people would be able to use the 650 charging points that are presently homogeneously distributed by the network throughout Barcelona’s districts.

The aim behind this process is to put electric-vehicle users at the centre to offer them the best experience. Users will therefore now be able to find Endolla points from their usual electromobility app, activate the charging process from their mobile device and easily pay without having to download another app or sign up for a new service. 

The coming year will see bidirectional interoperability. This will enable Endolla Barcelona’s subscribers, with the aid of the smou app, to start using the company’s collaborating operator charging points whenever they drive outside the city.

Endolla Barcelona continues to grow with the addition of 50 new charging points

The Endolla network is expanding this year (2022) with with the launch of some fifty new charging points. This will bring the total number of active charging points to 703. It plans to activate 1,000 charging points and have them operating at full capacity by the end of 2023 and to reach a growth capacity of over 2,000 additional points, which would start operating according to how the demand and technology develop.  

The Endolla network currently has 6.5 points per km2 distributed throughout the city’s neighbourhoods, with one charging point for every 11.4 electric vehicles and 97% service availability. Added to all the other charging points used by the public, these will make Barcelona Europe’s second largest city in number of charging points per km2, behind Stockholm, and the fourth largest in number of points per resident, behind Stockholm, Götegorg and Oslo.

 At present, Endolla Barcelona has 10,680 users and provides an average of 6,700 charges per month, with a network occupancy of around 10%. 

The network's deployment is based on a smart investment strategy that is fair, flexible, efficient and scalable and takes account of the path that still lies ahead for the sector in this constantly evolving industry.

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