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Barcelona is one of Europe's cities with the highest concentration of polluting gases in a small area because of its extension, population density and number of combustion-engine vehicles.

The high concentration of these gases sometimes causes so-called pollution episodes. Measures such as the control of works in public streets and squares, increases in hosing down streets and restrictions to the circulation of polluting vehicles are being applied in Barcelona to reduce airborne polluting particles.

Other initiatives in the city to reduce pollution, such as getting about in electric cars, represent key measures for avoiding the use of polluting means of transport. In addition to reducing the concentration of gases that are harmful to the environment, travelling in an electric car through Barcelona has its advantages for getting about the city.

What are the main advantages to travelling in an electric car in Barcelona?

  1. A 75 % discount on the road tax.
  2. Exemption from having to pay vehicle-registration tax (no registration fees).
  3. Unrestricted travel along HOV lanes.
  4. 75% discount on tolls with prior documentary proof of having withdrawn a vehicle that is more than ten years old and the price of a light vehicle that does not exceed 40,000 euros (not including VAT). For further information, go to the ecoviaT website.
  5. Free parking for cars in blue area places, provided maximum regulated parking times are respected. This does not include residential or reserved parking places (people with reduced mobility, administration, bus, police, etc.)

More than 600 points throughout the city

The Endolla network offers over 600 electric charging points distributed throughout Barcelona, with connectors allowing easy and practical recharging.

The network currently has 39 fast charging points, located in streets and enabling users to charge their electric car's battery up to 70%, within roughly 30 minutes at most and with a voltage of up to 50 kW. There are 258 normal charging points in car parks.

Choosing the rate best suited to your needs and using the Endolla network properly to keep the charging points in good condition will help you to save energy and boost your electric car’s performance in the city. 

In addition, by travelling in an electric car, you will be helping to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and you will enjoy the advantages to getting around the city sustainably.

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