Wed, 05/04/2022 - 14:49

This week, the Endolla network is taking part in the 6th edition of the International Public-Private Partnerships Forum (PPP) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The meeting brings together experts from 13 countries and highlights the challenges cities face when it comes to tackling climate change.

Citizens at the core of network growth

The Endolla network has been selected because it puts citizens at its core, with three main objectives: to facilitate the equitable transition to electric vehicles, to support the evolution of the sector and to improve citizens’ standard of living. To this effect, the network has become a benchmark in aspects such as its well balanced deployment in the city’s neighbourhoods, its commitment to efficient energy management and its opening up to users of different operators. 

Sixteen initiatives will be presented, developed in different parts of the world and with the common aim of clearly prioritising sustainability, improving people’s quality of life and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).

Endolla is key to the penetration and adoption of electric vehicles

Through its participation in different innovation and knowledge exchange initiatives at both local and European level, Endolla continues to add value to the electromobility sector.

The network's deployment is based on an investment strategy that is fair, flexible, efficient and scalable and takes into account the path that lies ahead for the sector in this constantly evolving industry.

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