Thu, 01/27/2022 - 12:23

Climate change may sometimes seem out of range to us, yet there are some small, everyday actions we can do as individuals and at home to help reduce polluting gases, global warming and thereby protect the environment.

Here we explain 4 types of action you can do in your home to protect the environment:

Consume local products 

Local consumption enables you to save on energy and to reduce polluting gas emissions, as it minimises the need for long-distance travel. 

Consuming local products reduces the need for plastic packaging, given that products do not require so much protection when transported over shorter distances. In addition, these are fresh seasonal products and we can know where they come from.

Apply the three Rs

Reduce, reuse and recycle by buying products with less plastic packaging, by properly separating waste at home and by giving a second life to items that you have already used. 

Taking along cloth bags for your shopping, watering your plants with water left over from cleaning fruit and vegetables or using glass jars for conserving your food are just a few things you can do at home to apply the three Rs and protect the environment.

Save on the energy you consume

Confine your use of energy, such as heating or air-conditioning, to the areas you use in your home. Use natural light and buy low-energy bulbs. 

Use low-energy electrical appliances and, to deal with cold weather, have thermostats installed which properly regulate the temperature. Close doors to rooms before you go out and save on the water you consume by keeping your shower times brief. When cooking, prepare several meals at the same time.

Educate and promote good sustainable practices 

Raise awareness among those you live with of environmental problems and encourage them to consume responsibly, save on energy and recycle. 

If you've got young children at home, encourage them to take an interest in nature and environmental conservation and show them good sustainable practices by way of example. Remember environmental education among children will also help to raise awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.


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