Fri, 04/22/2022 - 12:22

As we do every year on 22 April, Endolla Barcelona will be marking Earth Day to raise awareness of the environmental responsibility we need to adopt when it comes to caring for planet Earth.

On this highly symbolic day, we remind you of some of the things you can do to help cut CO2 emissions, save energy and raise awareness in society about the importance of looking after our planet. 

Four ways to mark Earth Day

  • Promote sustainability by using renewable energy, recycling and reusing products, consuming locally produced organic food, saving energy and backing social equality.
  • Choose to drive electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid cars to reduce the environmental impact and improve mobility in big cities.
  • Practice ecomobility by getting around on a bike, sharing car journeys and using public transport in the city. This way you’ll help to promote more sustainable urban areas and cut noise pollution.
  • Help reduce pollutant gases at home and put a halt to global warming. Consume local produce, separate waste correctly and use low energy household appliances. Teach children sustainable habits and encourage them to take an interest in nature.

We need to be aware of the importance of living in self-sufficient cities that reuse their own waste, are full of green spaces and offer sustainable alternative forms of transport as a big step towards helping the environment.

The future of the Earth depends on us, and here at Endolla we are issuing a call to care for the planet by promoting sustainability and healthy lifestyles among citizens.

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