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If you have an electric vehicle or you would like to buy one, check different types of recharging available for cars and electric motorcycles and decide which one is the best for your vehicle.

Fast recharging, for occasional

Fast recharging can reach between 44 kW and 50 kW and allows electric vehicles to be recharged in half an hour. These types of recharging are designed for situations where there is an occasional need for urgent recharging or for long trips on road where there are several stops. However, they are not recommended as the battery can be damaged.

As some mobile phones manufacturers have their own chargers, not all fast recharging point connectors are suitable for all electric car models.

For example, Chademo connectors, designed for fast recharging in direct current, are suitable for car models made in Asia. In contrast, CCS and Mennekes connectors, also known as Type 2 connectors and are used for fast and normal recharging, are standard connectors for electric car models manufactured in Europe and America.

Electric motorcycles can also use connectors such as Schuko that are designed for normal recharging for small, lower voltage electric vehicles and for conventional recharging.

Normal recharging, the most recommended option

Today, normal recharges are highly recommended for their safety and sustainability. Normal recharging is also the most recommended recharging option for electric vehicle manufacturers. Normal recharging has a power of  3.6 kW and 7.2 kW and batteries can be recharged in six and eight hours. Mennekes and Schuko connectors are the most common for this type of recharging.

Experts estimate that the average life of lithium-ion batteries is from 8 to 10 years. To keep the batteries of electric vehicles in an optimal condition, they emphasize the importance of using low-power connectors, as the common type of recharge.

In the network of recharging points for electric vehicles Endolla Barcelona, you can find different connectors that allow you to recharge your electric vehicle in a comfortable and easy way. Carefully choose the type of recharge you need at any given time, and remember to use the slow recharge option as your regular recharge.

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