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It is becoming increasingly common for people living in cities to choose electric motorcycles as a means of getting around. This is because their size and accessibility make them a sustainable transport alternative for everyday urban journeys.

These days, the electric motorcycles on the market have smaller batteries with greater capacity, power and autonomy. They are a major factor for reducing noise and atmospheric pollution in big cities.

How do electric motorcycles work?

Electric motorcycles are powered by an electric motor. This type of engine is lighter and cleaner than the traditional internal combustion engines, and they don't generate waste

Electric motorcycle batteries are usually made from lithium and can either be recharged directly at charging points, by using a connecting cable, or the battery can be taken out, so that it can be recharged at home, in greater comfort.

Mechanically speaking, e-motorcycle engines are simpler than combustion engines, so maintenance is easier, cheaper and less frequent. 

What are the main advantages of riding electric motorcycles?

E-motorcycles don't make much noise or emit polluting gases. They therefore help to reduce atmospheric and noise pollution, which is one of the main causes of stress for the residents of big cities.

They can use the VAO [High Occupancy Vehicle] lanes, they qualify for tax breaks and on purchasing an e-motorcycle you can get subsidies of up to €1,300 and free registration, because they are low-emission vehicles with a “0” DGT label.

How do you charge your electric motorcycle in the Endolla network?

Within the Endolla network, there are Schuko connectors for charging electric motorcycles on the street, as well as in the network of BSM car parks.  

The maximum power of this type of connector is 3.6 kilowatts, and by recharging using the Endolla network, an electric motorcycle can obtain enough energy to provide autonomy of 50 kilometres in two hours.

Getting around on this type of electric vehicle can contribute to a more sustainable mobility, reduce the environmental impact and improve people's physical and emotional health.


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